Burlap Wristlets For 321 Coffee

The Idea Similar to our Beer To Bags initiative, 321 Coffee, a local startup staffed by individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, reached out to us in regards to their excess burlap bags. Prior to our partnership, 321 Coffee had no means to recycle the bags their coffee was transported

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Sunbrella Bread Baskets: A gift that symbolizes community.

The Idea Reborn Clothing Co. has been partnering with Sunbrella since 2019 to create a plethora of direct to consumer products such as beach bags, totes, pillows and more. However, when it comes to our latest collaboration, Sunbrella requested something a bit more personal. They reached out to us wanting

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Beer to Bags: Untapped Potential from local resources

The Epiphany   You may have read that Reborn takes leftover materials, either from producers or consumers, and reimagines the material into an entirely new product! Our latest endeavor has been no exception. We realized that there was a plethora of material at our fingertips simply laying around, not being

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The hard truth or the easy answer?

The tenants of fashion are this: produce as much volume as possible to lower costs and increase your profits. Economies of scale in fashion means making 100,000,000 units with maybe a dollar or two in profit per each unit. Margins are tight along the way, so you have to make

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kristin slinn

Celebrating The Women of Reborn; Kristin Slinn

In our final conversation with Reborn Clothing Co.’s COO, Kristin Slinn, regarding her thoughts about this year’s International Women’s Month theme, #ChooseToChallenge, we learn about what Kristin has experienced as challenges both in and out of the office and what method’s she deployed to combat those obstacles that have prevented

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women in kayak

How To Spring Break, Sustainably.

Spring break is a coveted time of year; students and faculty alike get time to reset, recharge, and rejuvenate. However, at Reborn, we urge you not to take a break from sustainable living. Even when we travel, there are plenty of ways to incorporate eco-conscious practices into your day-to-day life.

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emily green hat

Celebrating The Women of Reborn; Emily Neville.

This conversation is one that we’ve been asked so much about since we started this series a few weeks ago. Emily Neville, Reborn Clothing Co.’s CEO and Founder has faced her fair share of challenges. And then some with incessantly working to create global change in reducing textile waste through

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Celebrating The Women of Reborn; Deserie Lawrence.

As we continue to sit down with the women of Reborn Clothing Co., we learn so much more about their experiences that contribute to their leadership style, approach to other female professionals, and what they hope to see as ways that we can work through obstacles that we face in

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